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Why Us?

Not all videographers are all the same. Many of the things that make a good film great are unreachable to many because of the lack of equipment or just not willing to spend the time on the film in post-production. Here are a few techniques that we at Alexis Creative go through to make your video World Class.

Colour Grading

Colour Gading Monitor
Have you ever watched a the special feature on a film and noticed that sometimes the footage filmed but not used in the final cut looks nothing like the film itself? It looks dull, lacking that color brilliance that we are accustomed to in today's feature films. All high-end film productions today put their footage through a possess called colour grading or colour correction. So unused scenes most likely didn't go through the time intensive process of colour grading, hence the visual difference in quality.

All of Alexis Creative's video productions are Colour Graded. The samples below are from are out our real filming situations - the raw image is straight out of the camera and has not been altered in any way.

Not Colour Corrected Raw Footage
Colour Corrected Colour Graded


There are video Cameras and then there are video cameras. You can spend a hundred dollars to hundreds of thousand dollars on a single camera. Historically, for high quality video production you would be in the latter spending bracket. But there's a new player on the video front which is changing the rules. With the introduction of HDSLR Filming, this takes advantage of the very large sensor of the DSLR camera, compared to conventional video cameras, and the huge range of affordable lenses available makes getting that feature film feel much more affordable. Big productions have started to film with these cameras, from filming the TV series "House" to actions sequences in Captain America, and yes you have guessed it! We've got them. Coming very soon we will have examples for you to look at a typical entry level video camera you may have asked a relative to use on your special day compared to hiring a professional videography crew.

There is nothing worse than watching a video with bad audio. You may remember watching "Tom and Jane's" wedding video where they got "Uncle Frank" to record the speeches, but you couldn't hear anything but the noise if the video camera, "Uncle Frank" laughing ,coughing and sneezing , and him having a conversation with "Aunt Bettie" halfway through the Bride and Groom's speech.
We have spared no expense with our audio gear. You will find the same audio equipment on film productions and TV sets all around the world. Listen to the audio clips and you can be the judge. Again the audio samples are out or real filming situations both of the audio clips have not been altered.


Cameras On board Microphone
Professional Audio Equipment

Music Licensing

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We have a commercial agreement with a music production company with unlimited access to their library, which includes over 45,000 production music tracks and counting, with 1000+ tracks added monthly. The catalogue covers every possible style and genre, from Acid Jazz to World Music, Classical music to Indie Rock and Dance. Whatever you're looking for we'll find the perfect track to bring your production to life.

All rights cleared for multi-platform, global use. Their music is used around the world by the likes of the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and MTV. They produce only the highest quality music and are currently working with 270 world class Composers in studios such as the world famous Abby Road Studios.

"We only record with the best, authentic musicians and composers at the top recording facilities in the world."


Here is a small selection of tracks with a only a few of the many genres available.